Alex Bäcker’s Ph.D. Thesis:
Pattern recognition in locust early olfactory circuits:
Priming, gain control and coding issues (California Institute of Technology, 2002).


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You can read a Nature paper that forms part of Chapter 5 here: Who reads temporal information contained across synchronized and oscillatory spike trains?.

List of selected chapters by topic:
Math and Computation:
Bäcker, A. (2002) The probability that a single underlying binomial distribution yields two given success proportions: A hypothesis test
Bäcker, A. (2002) Fractional K-nearest neighbors: Dealing with nonuniform sampling
Bäcker, A. and Cassenaer, S. (2002) Asymmetric sliding-window cross-correlation
Zhigulin, V. and Bäcker, A. (2002) Self-organization of neural networks into winnerless competition: A local learning rule achieves antisymmetric co-regulation of distant synapses

Neural Coding:
Bäcker, A. and Wehr, M. (1997) Response variability is correlated across multiple projection neurons in the antennal lobe of the locust
Bäcker, A. (2002) The information content of neurons engaged in population temporal coding in early olfactory circuits
Bäcker, A. (2002) The role of synchronization in the decoding of temporal information contained in neuronal assemblies
Bäcker, A. (2002) Multiplexing odor identity and concentration information with a population temporal code

Bäcker, A. (2002) Olfaction and the Chemical Senses. A Review.
Bäcker, A. (2002) The olfactory system is invariant to volatility
Bäcker, A. (2002) Hedonic valence of odors in the locust, Schistocerca americana
Bäcker, A. (2002) A computerized odor delivery system for arbitrary time-varying concentrations and mixtures
Bäcker, A. (2002) Gain control via a balance of excitation and inhibition in early olfactory circuits
Bäcker, A. (2002) Odor categorization: Attractors in the representations of odors in the antennal lobe have sharp boundaries
Bäcker, A. (2002) The connectivity between the locust antennal lobes and mushroom bodies: Combinatorics of a representation

Bäcker, A. (2002) Priming in early olfactory circuits


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